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He said he opens some of the packages personally."Hey, they send me cookies, now they send me bombs," he said Friday. "It's a little different."Arpaio said the mailing of an explosive device addressed to him comes with his line of work. He cited the michael kors coupon code 2013 recent killings of a West Virginia sheriff, Colorado's corrections director and two prosecutors in Texas."That's the nature of cheap ugg boots outlet store the business," he said.Arpaio said whoever is responsible for mailing the package, if found, would prix chaussures louboutin femme be brought to justice."I'm not going to be intimidated by anyone, that's a promise," he said.Following the killing of a West Virginia sheriff last week, Arpaio said elected law enforcement officials across the nation seem to be targeted.Numerous threats against Arpaio, a hero to many conservatives on immigration, prompted the need for a security detail for the lawman also known for dressing jail inmates michael kors bags outlet prices in pink underwear and making them sleep in tents in the heat of the Arizona desert.A campaign to recall Arpaio began just weeks after he started his sixth term in January.Critics contend that Arpaio should be ousted because his office failed to adequately investigate more than 400 sexcrimes cases, allegedly racially profiled Latinos in its trademark immigration patrols and has cost the county $25 million in legal settlements over treatment in county jails.Arpaio has denied that his deputies racially profiled Latinos in traffic patrols targeting illegal immigration. His office has moved to clear up the sexcrime cases and moved to prevent the problem from happening again, he said...: